ReazZon v10 - Tropea 2

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Hello there. Though I've said that my channel is going to be fully closed, I'm still up for recording maps for my mates or guys who have already been my requestors. Somehow I miss these recorder's boring days, on another side, I achieve something new for myself in recording and editing. More than two months without editing, so painful

I'd like to present you @ReazZon 's new volume called Tropea 2. This is a sequel of first Tropeamap, which was his 8th volume. It has a decent track with possible cuts, so it could be a good map for WFF or just belongs to WFF style. Decorations are fabulous and still fits the style of first Tropea. Overall I can say that ReazZon did a great job and I hope he will improve himself a lot as a mapper! But the progress is already perceptible.
About the video, first of all, I would like to apologize for few fails (TV part and last 20 secs song part). Somehow After Effects got buggy for me, it also couldn't create a solid 3D tracking for a clip. Hopefully, these bugs will be fixed until the next video from me will be released. I couldn't re-render it again and fix everything because a requestor was already waiting a lot, so bothering him about waiting a bit more would be immature from my side. Anyways I hope that you will like it, same as I did! I promised myself to reach 1000 subscribers till the end of this year c:

P.S. I'd like to thank @LamzoR for helping me in recording a scene with a gray hoodie guy! It was a pleasure to work with you, thank you a lot! Budya bro.

ReazZon v10 - Tropea 2
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