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1 hour ago, AnToNy said:

@xGreckZ 6 months ? @RadheN been waiting his whole life for this moment :) Congratulation to every single new trial hope to have fun with you all in game <3 

Well, My point is that i've been waiting with activity and its easy to wait without the activity.

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God damnit. Why you put the schedule to August -.- I tought you wi held it in the beginning of summer, almost right the same time as Steam Summer Sale .-. (My holiday is already over .-.)

I wonder if the match will be held midnight on my time(GMT+7)(and in active days). I will fking quit if you held it midnight and in active days...... (;﹏;) 


Pls make the tournament schedules on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). :3

And my fking god @Surflexy, how did you make it here? I am still confused XD

Btw welcome new slaves? hhhhhhh

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First of all I would like to apologize for my recent inactivity, I was having some health problems and issues with my internet connection, anyway, this is like a dream that finally came true to me, I'm so glad for this chance and I surely won't &amp;%*&#036; it up. Also, congratulations to the other trials!

See you in-game :D


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