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As far as I know, accounts are never deleted. As for the maps, I don't know.

I know you are not happy with the outcome of your report, but you must accept the fact that you can be wrong sometimes. It is not something over which you should leave a community. Whenever people with different backgrounds and personalities meet, there are bound to be some conflicts. You both had a problem, that is why we have a board dedicated to solving these conflicts. 

In the end, just forget about it and move on.

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Here the logs, that was even enough for 5 mins mute.

49649618PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:33:09oldschool_1fu

49649647PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:33:47oldschool_1What you need

49649676PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:34:10oldschool_1to the fail and dont try acting on me

49649690PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:34:22oldschool_1k take care

49649756PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:36:17oldschool_1leave

49649799PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:37:31oldschool_1i have a solution for that

49649809PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:37:47oldschool_1Ignored

49649852PsYcO (serial)definitelynotPsYcO.#~2017-06-22 22:39:11oldschool_1Who accepted dax?

And not only that made me take this decission, I've asked Danx about that situation, even he said that you were disrespectful.

If you want to leave just for that go ahead.


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