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Graphic Competition for my next Infernus Mod

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Hey guys,

I decided to make a little competition for my next Infernus.

It's about the Paintjob/Texture Section on it.

Everyone can compete here and post their idea as a Picture in 2048x2048 PNG Format.

The Texture/Paintjob with the most likes will win and be used on my next Infernus Mod.

Ending: 1.7.2017

This is how a Texture/Paintjob for the Infernus should look like:



There are also some rules:

1. There shouldn't be any nudes or something like that.

2. No Racist stuff here.

3. Nothing to harm other player with.


Additional Stuff:

This kind of Textures are accepted:

1. Racing Themed (Need for Speed like Textures)

2. Anime Themed (Just take your favorite Anime as a Theme if you like)

3. Creative Stuff (So if you got something really nice in your mind feel free to compete with it here)

Hope you enjoy to compete here guys and don't forget have fun.

Best regards DaXx

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2 hours ago, Impzy said:

So, you have to make the image on your own or could you just search images from Google?


3 hours ago, .randoM said:



Well I prefer you guys to do them by yourself and also in a format like I did and not just a mustered picture from google.

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