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[Declined] Sudden Death vs. Twisted Gamers

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Clan name: Sudden death

Clan tag: /Sd



-|TG|- players:

- (reserve)
- (reserve)


/Sd players:

- Azooz/Sd
- Tw!x/Sd
- Flame/Sd
- (reserve) Dantax/Sd
- (reserve) XerozZ/Sd



-|TG|- maps:

Sudden death maps:

- Tobster - The Castle x10

Date & time: We will see..
Where would it be held?: TG clan war server
Contact information (Skype): azooz.mta1


Clan war rules:

TG don't have shooter rules, so i'll put Sd's Rules.

Gammode; SHOOTER!

- Only players which are listed on the player list are allowed to play the CW.
- The clan with last surviving player gets the point.
- In case of a draw, each clan must pick one map.
- In case of camping, participant will be blown up and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.
- In case of player causes lag during the round, we will redo the map with alive players only and switch the lagging player.
- In case of insulting, swearing and provoking, participant will be muted
- and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.
- If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map.
- If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further.
- If someone lags too much, reserve player plays then.
- FPS: Minimum - 36. Maximum - 50.
- Ping: Maximum - 200.

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