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[CW] -|TG|- (Twisted Gamers) vs. >ftw< (F*ck The World)

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Design by @IntreLeX

Clan name: F*ck The World

Clan tag: >ftw<



-|TG|- players:

- @Mazda
- @Mecha
- @fano23
- @Krew (reserve)
- @ChroniK (reserve)

>ftw< players:

Everyone from the clan.


-|TG|- maps:
-[SH] Tobster - The Castle
-[SH] Tobster ft. Batzman - Futuristic

>ftw<  maps:
-[SH] Pustoy - Follow me
-[SH] Tobster - The Castle


Date & time: 14/05/2017 & 18:00 GMT +2
Where would it be held?: TG's clan war server


Clan war rules:
-|TG|- rules:

► The gamemode is Shooter.

► Match consists of 20 rounds, each map will be played five times.

► Max ping: 250

► If someone lags too much, reserve player plays then.

► Any kind of insulting or provoking will result in a mute or kick.

► If a player has to leave during a round, he/she can be replaced by a reserve.

► Spawn-kill isn't allowed. It will result in a point for the opponent.



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Hello, another Shooter CW which we played against F*ck The World.

The clan war has ended with the score of 12-10 for Twisted Gamers.

I want to thank our opponent for the effort and the ability to play this battle, as well as @IntreLeX for streaming and @Siisti-C for refeering.

Big thanks goes to F*ck The World!

Congratulations to:

- @fano23
- @Mecha
- @Mazda
- @Krew

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