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Well, I am quite speechless to be honest. I didn't really prepare a speech because I didn't know I would join. No words can describe how happy I am at the moment.

I have tried to join Twisted Gamers several times, and it looks like it has finally paid off. I would like to thank @V1SH4L for always being with me, he has helped me a lot. And I really mean it, he has been a great friend, and he has been with me in the toughest situations. I was going through the forums, and I suddenly received several messages. I knew what it was, and this time, it really was the correct notification. I am extremely thankful to everybody who has supported me despite my flaws, I will try my best to bring Twisted Gamers back.

As for the future, I will do my best, that is all I can say. I have a lot to learn, and I will try to improve myself day by day.


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First of all, making Surflexy to leave was the best decision in the history of TG since launching 2.0. Well done MisterQ. (jkjk, no haterino slummerino. xd)

I saw a lot of fine and smooth login's panels in the MTA, but this one... You guys have done hell of a job. (Hopefully the server will be clean just like the panel. There are still a lot of topics with ideas in the private forum. Still a worthy inspiration there. ;)) @

Lastly, trials. Well, wasn't really expecting it even though I still saw people posting their JRs. You guys have picked some fine folks. Obviously Hope and Bullet are at home now, but SquoniX? The &%*$? Meh, just kidding. He's been around TG since the first problems have begun and he's back now. Good luck to you and also to Tron. Hopefully you guys will represent TG greatly.

P.S.: The summer CTF's tourny? Oww, are you ready FA//-guys?  (@ChroniK, @Mecha, @RadheN, @Sirio22, @Krew)

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