[LEAVING] Flame says Bye.

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Hello Twisted Gamers Community , I wanted to let you know that i'm leaving this game , I started to play at 2012 and the only gamemode i played and i loved is Shooter , Thanks for giving me the chance to play in this great server and for the people whom we had fun in playing in one room together , I think i had enough career playing clan wars and having fun with people , I don't want to make a drama topic and making it too long , I wanted to say Sorry for the people i've offended in any way That's all . I hope i won't be forgotten even if i was , i won't forget you guys.


Peace out , Flame





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Bye, man. I like the part where you apologized for what you did, I hope you keep growing like this as a person and improve yourself. 

I think you will be back in some time, but that doesn't really matter as long as you behave. I know I am no one to tell you to how to behave, think of this more as a friendly advice. 

Good luck in your future endeavours. 

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