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[CW] -|TG|- (Twisted Gamers) vs. LxG// (Latin Xtreme Gamers)

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Design by @IntreLeX

Clan name: Latin Xtreme Gamers

Clan tag: LxG//



-|TG|- players:

- @Xizen
- @fano23
- @DiablO.
- @Zeist
- @Hope
- @IntreLeX
- @Antadorea
- @Doxiu 
- @Al1eN


LxG// players:



-|TG|- maps:
-[DM] Sealine ft. Xzibit adrenaline pure 2
-[DM] Lejon - Special for TG  
-[DM] Osnet - Focus
-[DM] Str!k3r - The Road of Joy II
-[DM] Str!k3r - Sudden Inspirations


LxG//  maps:
-[DM] NitroN ft. Drake - Lost in Dreams
-[DM] SebaS V14 - Revolution
-[DM] WW Vol.2 - InferNo Rush II
-[DM] CooL ft. Cosa_Nostra - New Island
-[DM] DC v.12 - &%*$ You All II


Date & time: 13/05/2017 & 20:00 GMT +2
Where would it be held?: TG's clan war server


Clan war rules:
-|TG|- rules:

- The gamemode is DM.
- The team with the last surviving player gets the point.
- If no one from the team reaches Hunter, the player who has come the farthest wins the point.
- We may refuse a map chosen by the challenging team if it doesn't meet our requirements for a CW map.
- Everyone from the clan is able to participate.
- In case of camping or shortcutting, a participant will be eliminated for the current round with no replacement.
-Skipping useless nitro or repair is allowed.
- If someone times out before the map starts, we will play the round again.
- If someone times out while the map is running (the player is alive), we will continue.
- If someone lags too much, he will be replaced.
- The clanwar managers decide what will happen in case of a draw (10-10 score). Both managers have to agree if we decide to continue, and the map chosen for an extra round must be a [DM] map!
- No backshooting while getting Hunter.
- In case of backshooting, (previous rule) "damaged" team gets the point.
- Any kind of insulting, crying, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute.
- Chat silence during rounds with the exception of notifying clan war admins of possible flaws on the current round.
- You must wait for the countdown to finish before shooting at hunters.
- In case of killing a player that reached hunter before the countdown finished, "damaged" team gets the point.
- Max ping: 320
- Spraying is NOT allowed.
- Antibounce script is allowed.

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To make this clear, this was the worst CW in the TG's history. 

It ended up after 5 hours of fighting with people who barely speak english and doesn't respect the basic rules, such as spraying, max. ping, insulting, playing with 6-7 players alive instead of 5.

The score is 11-10 for Twisted Gamers. I would usually thank our opponents for the effort and time same as for playing against TG, however this time I have nothing to thank except the waste of time.

LxG is now banned from playing against us any more clanwars so that means we are no longer accepting any requests from this clan or their members.

Lack of respect, professionalism and basic behaviour is obvious here.

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