I am finally back.

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Hello, mates.

I am finally back after a long break (~6 months), and I must say it's great to be back. The reason I was gone is that I had exams, and I also felt that I was not welcome here to be honest (totally my fault). Some of my friends have told me to forget about the past, and they are correct, but I can't. I know it's just a game, but Twisted Gamers has been very important and dear to me. I did everything because I wanted to be a part of the community, to be something people could look up to, and I have failed terribly as you can see. I didn't want to create a topic like this at all because it is really embarrassing for me, but I wanted to express my feelings. 

I don't know if I am correct or not, but I think that whenever someone hears my name, something negative comes to their mind first (rather than something good about me), and I want to change that. As some of you might know, I created a topic some months ago apologizing for my actions. I probably sound like a broken record by now, leaving the server and apologizing only to do something stupid later. 

I don't know how this topic is being perceived, does it look like drama? Maybe, maybe not, I have no idea. Is there a hidden agenda behind this topic? Not at all (not sure what the agenda would be really).

Well, I think it's time to forget about the past and just move on. So, yes, I am back, and I am really looking forward to playing with you guys!

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