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[CW] -|TG|- (Twisted Gamers) vs. W\* (Wanderers)

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Design by @IntreLeX

Clan name: Wanderers

Clan tag: W\* 



-|TG|- players:

- @Xizen
- @fano23
- @DiablO.
- @Zeist
- @Antadorea
- @Doxiu 


W\* players:




-|TG|- maps:
-[DM] Sealine ft. Xzibit adrenaline pure 2
-[DM] Lejon - Special for TG  
-[DM] Str!k3r - The Road of Joy
-[DM] Osnet - Focus
-[DM] Str!k3r - The Road of Joy II


W\*  maps:
-[DM] Zean v5 - Exchange
-[DM] Gteatero - Dark Inception III
-[DM] Ravolt ft KacaK - Atomic Effect
-[DM] NitroN ft. Sealine ft. BriaN - Impel Down 2
-[DM] RoNNiE# - vol 3 - Silent Side


Date & time: 22/04/2017 & 19:00 GMT +2
Where would it be held?: TG's clan war server


Clan war rules:
-|TG|- rules:

- The gamemode is DM.
- The team with the last surviving player gets the point.
- If no one from the team reaches Hunter, the player who has come the farthest wins the point.
- We may refuse a map chosen by the challenging team if it doesn't meet our requirements for a CW map.
- Everyone from the clan is able to participate.
- In case of camping or shortcutting, a participant will be eliminated for the current round with no replacement.
-Skipping useless nitro or repair is allowed.
- If someone times out before the map starts, we will play the round again.
- If someone times out while the map is running (the player is alive), we will continue.
- If someone lags too much, he will be replaced.
- The clanwar managers decide what will happen in case of a draw (10-10 score). Both managers have to agree if we decide to continue, and the map chosen for an extra round must be a [DM] map!
- No backshooting while getting Hunter.
- In case of backshooting, (previous rule) "damaged" team gets the point.
- Any kind of insulting, crying, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute.
- Chat silence during rounds with the exception of notifying clan war admins of possible flaws on the current round.
- You must wait for the countdown to finish before shooting at hunters.
- In case of killing a player that reached hunter before the countdown finished, "damaged" team gets the point.
- Max ping: 320
- Spraying is NOT allowed.
- Antibounce script is allowed.

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The clan war has ended with the score of 12-8 for Twisted Gamers.

I want to thank our opponent for the effort and the ability to play this battle, as well as @IntreLeX for refereeing and streaming. 

The CW took 4 hours and 5 minutes! TG managed to do a great comeback while loosing 5-2!

Big thanks goes to Wanderers!

Congratulations to:

- @Xizen
- @fano23
- @DiablO.
- @Zeist
- @Antadorea
- @Doxiu 


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