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Hello community

It took a while to fix every single bug I have found during previous unsuccessful release of infernus mods. However this time I am releasing two different mods with 16 different options for each mod. One mod has stock infernus from normal GTA SA, other one is more detailed and therefore it's HD version. Beware, using HD infernus may cause you lag.

Now for the instructions on what options I have released.

  • me - Monster Energy edition
  • ns - No spoiler edition
  • L - You can use your own lights on rear
  • ref - Reflection included

V1 HD and V1 SD are released below. Please be careful picking your choice, instructions above. How to install: Replace infernus.txd and infernus.dff in gta3.img using IMG editor like Spark or IMGtool, do not use GGMM as it reports TXD corrupt issue (it isn't).

NoHear V1 HD





(in order: NoHear V1.1L ;  NoHear V1.2 ns ref  ;  NoHear V1.3 me L  ;  NoHear V1.4 ns me)

Downloads below, caution, read instructions above to pick your choice.

NoHear V1.1

NoHear V1.1 ref

NoHear V1.1 L

NoHear V1.1 ref L

NoHear V1.2 ns

NoHear V1.2 ns ref

NoHear V1.2 ns L

NoHear V1.2 ns ref L

NoHear V1.3 me

NoHear V1.3 me ref

NoHear V1.3 me L

NoHear V1.3 me ref L

NoHear V1.4 ns me

NoHear V1.4 ns me ref

NoHear V1.4 ns me L

NoHear V1.4 ns me ref L

NoHear V1 SD





(in order:  NoHear V1.1sdNoHear V1.2sd nsNoHear V1.3sd me refNoHear V1.4sd ns me)

Download in spoiler below, caution, read instructions above to pick your choice.

NoHear V1.1sd

NoHear V1.1sd ref

NoHear V1.1sd L

NoHear V1.1sd L ref

NoHear V1.2sd ns

NoHear V1.2sd ns ref

NoHear V1.2sd ns L

NoHear V1.2sd ns L ref

NoHear V1.3sd me

NoHear V1.3sd me ref

NoHear V1.3d me L

NoHear V1.3sd me L ref

NoHear V1.4sd ns me

NoHear V1.4sd ns me ref

NoHear V1.4sd ns me L

NoHear V1.4sd ns me L ref

Now that's all I've got so far. In the future I'll add option to add your skin with Airplane's technique.

See you around,



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On 4/16/2017 at 1:06 PM, Rambo73 said:

Nice mod, can u tell me from where u got this wheels for the infernus mod? :)

McLaren 570S from gtainside

10 minutes ago, RounteX said:

BTW He quit moddeling

Never said that. Don't have time at the moment.


On 1/2/2017 at 5:46 PM, Antadorea said:

beautiful mod. Can you do some from the "toyota supra mk4" ?

No time at the moment.

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