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Let's bury the hatchet?

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Yo guys, sup? yall know me, ive no doubt you do. hence jumping right into the core of the topic. I'm fully aware of my past actions and that i been an a55hole motherf*cker to many of you a while back.. and quite frankly, I came in today to get all that resolved, in a nice way. I'm sorry for whatever I said and how I acted.. expecially for those i had a run-in with. I hope I'm now good with yall after a while not being around and also after this apology I given. 

fyi: I'm startin to play again. So i hope i meet many of you on the server so we could have some laughs together. 

and yeah for those who dunno me, my name is Bilal or Bill, 18, scriptor, likes soccer, Dubst3p is my cousin LOL.. what else you might wanna know.. hm.. yeah I been here since May2012. If you need to know anything which ain't mentioned, don't hesitate to ask thro pms or simply add myself on skype so we can have a lil convo.. lecrasher6.

thanks. :))

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