[DM] Krzysztof - Tomb Raider II

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Hey folks, I'm back with another video! I have less and less time due to some stuff with university. It's almost an ending of studying at classes, so we need to finish a lot of stuff there. At the beginning of November I'll get more time for my videos. 
This map is just magnificent and gorgeous. After a huge break of map making, Krzysztof is back with another map which is kinda made in OS style, but still DM. His theme and atmosphere were created on a base of Tomb Raider. Also sure, if it's Krzysztof , then map should consist fancy and amazing scripts! He did a great job with a mapping and scripting also. I felt the atmosphere and also..well..while playing this map, I can imagine, that mapping in MTA can be better and greater. I hope all of you, mappers, will try to create a maps which has some basement, atmosphere and theme of it. I totally like this map and it's amazing! I hope you will also like this map and also a video! Leave a lot of likes, if you appreciate his and my work and also subscribe to my channel! 

Krzysztof - Tomb Raider II
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Song is called:

Jason Graves - Survival Guide
Song was taken only for video and only for fun. Nothing private.


Credits goes to:

Lights mod AxO by Delta
Infernus - Micra's Mod
Ultrathing 0.28


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Skype - memosh1997


Sincerely, REFLEXTV

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