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[DM] Yami Vol9 - I hope that one day, you will be reunited with the one you cherish.

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Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

Today im back with the latest Map from Yami!
Yes you may think "blah again this animestuff" but let me tell you one thing!

Even with the Animestuff, this map is amazing!

Here is a little backstory about the Mapname+Intro.
Anime, yes, it's because this Map is related to the Anime "Plastic Memories".

"Although I love making skilled maps, I also love to do Maps with meaning and inspiration.
I always thought that doing this kind of maps with a meaning makes me different from others Mappers.
I hope you understand the message behind this map and you like it as much as I do.

Greetings. Yami."

As you read above this. A message in a project is very important. My goal is it to help my "Customer" (I don't take money for this) to reach their goal! I don't care if you guys don't like the video, for me, the most important thing is to make the video how the Mappers would like it the most!

Thanks to RiseR(Cinematics/Thumbail), ManiaC(Recording) and Punishable. Without them, the Video wouldn't have been possible to exist. Visit them on their Channels!



➜Case: Selfmade aus Plexiglas
➜MSI Z170A GAMING Pro Intel Z170
➜Intel Core i5 3440K 4x 3.60GHz
➜4096MB Club 3D Radeon R9 290x royalAce
➜4 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance blau DDR3-1600 DIMM CL9 Dual Kit

Infernus: Isla Infernus (Private)
Editor: ^Gore[X]^
Cinematics: RiseR
Driver: ManiaC
Song: Echos  - Dont let me go (echos remix).[/SPOILER]

Maybe you've noticed, that my first Channel (GoreXMTA) has been deleted by google for no reason. So i made a new one called "GoreXTV" and It would make me very happy if you guys, could support me by pressing the "Subscribe"-button.

Hope you enjoyed watching and leave a Like if you did!


P.S.: I won't make that many videos in the Future because my PC broken.

Edited by GoreX:.

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