Wall of shame - 'Hackers' edition

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[7/17/2016 12:13:32 AM] John Dvořák (strangereu): When you find out
[7/17/2016 12:13:33 AM] John Dvořák (strangereu): who did it
[7/17/2016 12:13:35 AM] John Dvořák (strangereu): tell me his name
[7/17/2016 12:13:43 AM] John Dvořák (strangereu): I'll kill him
[7/17/2016 12:13:46 AM] John Dvořák (strangereu): he caused that spam
[7/17/2016 12:13:48 AM] John Dvořák (strangereu): on my skype

Have fun killing yourself XD

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This didn't surprise me at all (except for @strangereu's involvement), this saddens me extremely. They were one of the most respected members and they did something as bad (not to mention stupid) as this, I am sure they don't regret their actions.

They wanted to damage TG as much as they could and TG stood up again. We should not remember this attack as an embarrassment, we should remember this attack as a lesson, a lesson that we should never forget. I don't think this attack made us weaker, it instead made us stronger as a server. As @V1SH4L said some days ago, this is just a chapter in the history of Twisted Gamers that will come to an end soon, at least I hope so.

I am really thankful to @AdamJames - our hero, you have done some great work!

Edit: For anyone thinking that I am asslicking, I will stop you right there. Don't look at everything in a negative way, this is my way of expressing my opinions. You need to change your perspective.

Second edit: I sent @strangereu a message two days ago because I was sure he was behind all of this, he lied as expected:


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