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Hi , i've created this simple tool long ago *at Fri May 17, 2013 5:36 pm to be specific *  it allows you to paste text in mta:sa chatbox
This tool pastes the text from your clipboard into mta:sa chatbox with one click on Insert key or Ins key
The tool is not limited to mtasa game , you can use it in any other apps
Notice : you've to start the tool after starting the game 
Screenshot :

Usage :
* One click on Insert key or Ins in some keyboards 
Requirements :
* You need .Net framework 3.5 for Windows vista and below (Download)
Download (Scan results included) :

Still didn't understand what's the tool job ?
Have you tried to paste text in chatbox using the paste shortcut ctrl + v?
i bet that you did and it didn't work
this tool allows you to paste the text in the chatbox when you click at insert key

The main reason why i created this is because mta's command log is limited to a specific amount of commands so when you try to paste a text you're removing other commands from the log, this tool allows you to paste any text without having to use mta commander thus you don't lose your old commands 

What this tool does is that it presses keys on your keyboard so pasting symbols may not be possible and you need to switch keyboard language to english when you post links or any other english text

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