One of the things that have been causing a lot of issues lately is someone not knowing what's allowed and what's not, so I have compiled a list of what you're allowed to do or not to do, and a few common sense things you should keep in mind.     -Common Sense & Important rules.   [1] - DO NOT TRUST ANYONE (If someone comes up to you and says give me money i'll give you donator, NO IT'S an obvious scam, there's not even a single legit person that sells donator except from our official donation page, THAT'S IT!, I don't care if your brother, your friend or whatever tells you other wise.   [2] - PVP, Once you have chosen to accept a PVP, It's AT YOUR OWN RISK, we are not to be held responsible for any loss that happens to you while playing a PVP with somebody, teaming is also not punishable during PVP, It's AT YOUR OWN RISK. "If you get disconnected during PVP, It's also AT YOUR OWN RISK, you have to understand why I put all this in bold and "AT YOUR OWN RISK" in red."   [3] - Camping, Camping is strictly forbidden, It's not allowed no matter what, from the moment this topic is posted, everyone should at least take a look at this to know the rules, I will not accept "I DIDN'T KNOW" as an excuse, you could just be pretending as far as we're concerned.   [4] - Begging, Begging A.K.A asking for money is also NOT ALLOWED, whether you were asking for a 100 or a 1000000, It's NOT ALLOWED, don't ask an admin, don't ask a player, you must earn your own money in-game.   [5] - Multi-accounting, Multi-Accounting, also known as having multiple in-game accounts is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, If you get caught multi-accounting it might result in a PERMANENT BAN.   Edit -    [6] - Blank Names, Blank names are not allowed, please do not use them, they can cause much confusion and disturbance to us admins and they're especially forbidden in PVP - (Shooter/DD)     -What to expect and what to not expect from admins.   [1] - In-case you got scammed or lost money, admins are NOT INCLINED to return your money, that's your own fault and your own responsibility to keep your money in-game, If you choose to trust someone again it's AT YOUR OWN RISK.   [2] - Please do not spam admins with "Please test my map, I upload it today", an admins job is not to just sit around and do what you're asking for, testing maps is not a necessary part of an admins job and they may choose whether to test it or not, admins who do test maps test it in their free time so it's up to them to decide whether to test maps now or later. (EDIT: Recently the TG team has assigned a few people to be map testers, It's their job to test maps but that doesn't mean you should spam them as well, so be polite and don't annoy them.)   [3] - An admin is NOT INCLINED to restart a map for you, so please DO NOT ASK FOR REDO. - Maps are being repeated enough as is. (EDIT: Redo is totally dependant on the admin and wether they are willing to restart the map or not, unless they ask you to vote, please don't disturb or in any anyway insult an admin if they do not restart a map for you).   Some useful topics about rules list and punishments: Thanks for reading these set of rules, I will update this topic if i forgot to add anything, I hope you have a wonderful time at TG !.   Cya in-game!.