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New host!

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Due to the poor network on the new host that we bought we've decided to upgrade our old dedicated server and move back to it!

Lags should be fixed now for most of the players!

Hello everyone!

A few days ago we bought a new host for our servers to try and sort out the lagging issues that have been occuring lately.

This new server is now equipped with SSD drives and it should bring us a huge boost in performance.

Please note that some features on our website and gameserver might not be functioning properly as there are still some things that have not been fully configured. Please report any flaws directly to me through a forum PM.

If anyone is interested here are the specs of our new dedicated server:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
  • Cores/Threads:  4 cores/ 8 threads
  • Frequency:  3.4 GHz+
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • Disks: 3 x 120 GB SSD
  • RAID: Soft
  • Network connection: 1 Gbps

Let's see how this baby will perform. :)


Kind regards,

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"Me and arezu both said a while ago about how slow the DEDICATED SERVERarrow-10x10.png could be when it comes to a lot of players and the loading/unloading of the maps. I have personally asked Tommeh a few times before about upgrading our main HDD with our dedicated server to a SSD drive which would increase the performance of TG a lot." Unix-09 September 2014

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