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    • why do you like me then.
    • And that's why we like you ;)
    • I'm glad that i could do this interview, it was my pleasure.
    • Interesting, keep doing this.
    • Hello guys  I'd like to present you a new section in forum ,that i expect have more in the future and where i can explore more about some persons and their  privacy. My objective is to reveal some things that perhaps many of us did not know about those around us. I called this "Meet the unknown of" and this time @PRODaN opened the doors to me for make an interview with him. So... Let's start.   Interviewer: Well , first of all , i'd like to give you thanks for accept and be here with us. I have to say that this is my first interview in MTA, so maybe i could not ask important things ahahah DAN: Ahahaha  It's my first time giving an interview so haha , also it's something new in our community so who knows, maybe there will be more much admins/players who'd like to have one. Interviewer: Yes , maybe more guys want one and will be good for this section have even more things to show to the community also maybe they want to know something more about their leader DAN: Maybe haha Interviewer: Well , let's start. maybe this question might sound a bit generic but... How did you find MTA? DAN: I was searching for some mods for GTA SA , by searching for while i found out that there are some race server and also Real cars stuff. I've done my re-search and fount MTA and SA:MP out. Still i choosed for MTA cause of variable gamemodes. Interviewer: Oh , you found mta by yourself , many of the players in mta today , found the game by a friends DAN: Yeah i found it by myself, i was searching for something new in my gaming history, that's why i choosed for MTA It wasn't so popular tho Interview: Yes , MTA became popular after 2010's. When i started my MTA career in 2009 , it wasn't much players into servers but at least the variability of modes was good DAN: indeed, that's why i choosed MTA over Samp Interviewer: Well , following with the interview...In your beginnings, there was as much hatred and jealousy as now? I refer to the incidents that have recently occurred with ffs and 6s. What do you think about it? DAN: Ofcourse not, there were not really "big" teams when i began in 2009. MTA was really simple with few "bigger" communities that aren't propably alive anymore (also i could've forget) Also i don't know anymore what was the situation on another gamemode servers than Race/DD/DM/OS now. Day of today i think that for most of the communities is the skill that matters not the loyality and friendship as we try to hold here at TG also we choose loyality and friendship over the skills. Also my words doesn't mean we don't have skillfull members, we do but still we try to focuss on other aspects than skills at all Interviewer: Ahahaha I was going to say you were trying to tell me that fano is very noob, just like radhen . Well in fact , MTA Dramas only ruins the gameplay and funny DAN: It does, wondering why ffs is always involved in those dramas Interviewer: ffs is ffs , they are jealous and that will kill itself. DAN: It slowly does already, i saw that few members including leaders left the clan but i try to not care about them since my main goal is to focuss on my own community Interviewer: Yes , that's true and leaving mta dramas and making focus in TG..What do you think about the TG's situation now ?, Taking into account the past and to be honest , the lack of players it is really sad to see , because TG long time ago was one of the communities who had more than 70 players per day DAN: A lot of peoples thinks that we died, indeed i understand their way of thinking. But i can guarantee for sure that we aren't, we are no in our best form but that will change in short amount of time due bug fixes and adding new stuff into our 3.0 server. The situation of players online is really weak and i understand why. There are really lack of peoples that would like to play for nothing (no stats,no money). Our developer is working around this sistem now and we will add its first version into our ALPHA server for tests. Players have to know that the 3.0 we see now (ALPHA Server) is made from scratch in less than few months. Most of our playerbase thinks that this project is the same one which was begun by Unix and our old developers but it's not. Project itself was changed many times due leavings, technical problems and stuff. I'm glad what i see now on the server since it's really not that long ago when our developers started to work on it. Server itself feels smoother than 2.0 for sure, atleast it is my own opinion. Also what makes the count weak is that we aren't in vacation periode still, there are many peoples that has still to do some exams and school/work stuff to do. Interviewer: That's sounds good! Me and the players who keeps playing here will be waiting for it mate. Also to be honest i've hear some players that you are dead , but i'm happy that's not correct and you will rise a phoenix also I like 3.0 version ! maybe a bit more than 2.0 , because most of the times i could not play due my low internet , and now that changed! So , following with the questions.. What is your greatest inspiration to continue in TG? what do you think that makes you love him so much? DAN: The history and loyality of its members at all, i think that due of weak TGs status atm i would force myself harder to be the good example for them and make our team great again together with our management. Interviewer: That makes you a great person , Work hard for something that you love gratifies the heart. I'm sure that TG will keep alive for years DAN: I hope that it will be like that as you said Interviewer: Well , it's time to ask you something about yourself and your real life... What do you love most about your country? DAN: Well, actually I'm Polish but i'm living in Belgium atm, so which one you want me to tell you hahaha Interviewer: Oh ahahaha i didn't know that ahaha , so... What do you love most about both countries and what do you hate most of them? DAN: Actualy i think that Poland is verry similar to TG atm haha. We were very strong before WW1 AND WW2 , after those wars we weren't free and democratic country at all cause of Russian occupations, at the moment we are comming back to its best even tho our politics try to destroy us again. What i love about Poland i its history and the nature. About Belgium hmm, I'm not here for quite long that's why i can say only that it is really well organised country if we look at the roads etc also its economy is well balanced and peoples here are mostly friendly but also you have some kind of peoples that behaves like kings Interviewer: Ahahaha Twisted Poland Gamers  And about the last sentence.. People like that are in tons around the world , just see , In Chile , there is a guy who thinks he's a prince , due his surname LOL DAN: Ahahaha  Interviewer: Next question.. Which sport do you like more? DAN: I like football at most, after that i like volleyball and Ski Jumping. Those are our 3 specialements.  Interviewer: Woah! It's my first time that i meet another guy who likes the Ski jumping  DAN: We have the best Jumper atm you know haha Kamil Stoch Interviewer: Yeah , I like him also Peter Prevc. Six years ago i was practicing ski jump and i broke my leg , so after that i was around of 5 months into the hospital and when i back i was just afraid to broke any part of my body again Due that lession my right leg it is a bit short than my left one DAN: Auch that sucks. That's sadly the worst part of doing some extreme sports Interviewer: Yes , but most important i'm alive ahahaha. Well , next question and last one , i don't wanna be bored... What do you like most about yourself and what would you change? DAN: Something that i like hmmm...I'm someone that never gives up when something makes me mad/angry and i try to end it faster than it ends me and well the most that i dislike is that I'm a bit lazy person, even tho i work much i like to lay down on my bed and just doing nothing haha Interviewer: I do that too hahaha when i'm too lazy i don't want to leave my bed off. Well , this concludes our interview mate and really thanks for give me the chance to do this, i appreciate it very much and I hope we can have another one day. DAN: I appericate that you asked me for that haha, it was my pleasure to do.    
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