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  5. I'm going to cut my veins tonight

    1. Suspect-san


      you still there bud?

  6. Impzy

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    As I said; "unsorted rooms" (the rooms are yet to be sorted!)
  7. BartoszeK

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    I saw some of them in Deathmatch and DD, but I think these maps should be on fun because maps are so splitted between these modes.
  8. Impzy

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    They might be in other unsorted rooms.
  9. BartoszeK

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    Hello, Back then before the 'big update' me and my friends played a lot on this server, especially on fun gamemode. We took some break and today we saw that many of the maps had been deleted. Is there any possibility to bring them back? It'd be great because these maps were very good in our opinion. Thanks
  10. Bullet

    Trend is retiring

    Good luck with your life mate.
  11. Hi.


    1. fano23
    2. Alaaaay


      at that Time the Donation Bug was going on. Oof


  12. Tomba120

    #MRX Hunter montage / by Exade

    Hello everyone! Message from our team: We would like to thank to MTA community for supporting us for all that amazing years. Also we would like to thank to Exade for this amazing video and Tomba for gathering all videos from past 3 years. At the end one of our player would like to apologize to whole community for all shits he has done through all those years. daniel#mrx, tomba#mrx and neson#mrx Feel free to use this tag to show support towards our players.
  13. Definitely.... DEED Xd! >:v

  14. PRODaN

    Trend is retiring

    Good luck boi, make your dreams come true and never look back !
  15. Hello, I present to you my second map, and invite you to watch the movie :) I greet the TG community Free download, Have Fun :D DOWNLOAD
  16. Nature Overflow 2
  17. iBoSs

    Trend is retiring

    Good luck trend <3
  18. fano23

    Trend is retiring

    Good luck in your future nutrend, was nice to meet and play with you DD teacher. (ㅋωㅋ)/
  19. Hello everyone, it's been almost 10 years what I play this game. Few weeks ago I decided to end with this game. I am visiting university and I have no mood and time to play after all. MTA gave me a lot. Funny moments, memories, new friends and much more than my english teacher in school. It was honor for me to be in TG and part of this amazing community. Membership was my dream for many years. I wish you best of progress with the server and stuff related. Special thanks goes to my friends who will never be forgotten: @M4RT1N @Roach. @GeroX @LookaT @Madlife @NesoN @Mazda @fano23 @Jmick (maybe I forgot to mention someone). I wish you many achievements and luck in your MTA careers! Thanks for all guys..
  20. DiatroN

    [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

  21. NitroN

    [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

    I made a old/new map!
  22. xT4ngY

    MTA not working

    You can try re-install MTA and if it doesn't work, try to reinstall your GTA:SA. It may have some problem with the file. I've had this problem 2 years ago and it worked perfectly fine
  23. Dean.

    [DM] KaM! - Old Marsh

    Some parts aren't necessary to be decorated because it ain't seen, anyway good map, you've improve a lot
  24. Dean.

    MTA not working

    Have you tried re-installing MTA? if not then do it, after that it still happening then, check out your gta;sa folder for any issue
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