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  4. Wolf-Pack

    [OS] Wolf_Pack + ???

    Hey there. I come with a feature request (or a collab request). I originally was going to release the map in it's current form, but I've decided to hand this map off to anyone who wants to take it. From a couple opinions I have received, it's a map that may need a little more work to it. I want somebody who will actually get it done, and have it ready for upload preferably within the next couple weeks - a month. I don't mind if more than 1 person wants to help either. I just want the map to be enjoyable for people. I only have 1 restriction on what is done with the map; it needs to remain a map that can be played in OS rooms. I also want to be notified of the changes that are made (basically just send it back to me before it's released, so I can check/test it out). In that regard, I'd like someone who could take care of the rest of the deco. You'll also be allowed to make changes to the track, extend the track, or even get rid of some track if needed. You can also remove some of my deco if you want. If you're interested in being involved in this map, you can: contact me on Discord (Wolf_Pack#5698), privately message me on this forum, or reply to the topic. I'll be in contact with you. Thanks for your time.
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  6. NoType

    [DM] Sendy Vol.12 - Hideaway

    the map is decent but the recording is horrible..
  7. soysendy

    [DM] Sendy Vol.12 - Hideaway

    Hello friends, I am here again presenting my new volume. Hope you like it. kisses * I hope you enjoy my first solo volume with scripts. * I always wanted to put it on my maps but I never knew but finally that big day arrived download in skype : sendy.mta
  8. TG 2.0 inc :579dcfa3146d2_EmojiSmiley-41:

    1. frog



  9. CheetoS

    Greetings from ZeeT

    Hey ZeeT,when OnweD ft ZeeT? omg wrong *CheetoS ft TimGamer
  10. Cathrine

    Greetings from ZeeT

    Hello @ZeeT i hope your enjoying your staying in our Community ;)
  11. PRODaN

    Greetings from ZeeT

    Welcome @ZeeT, i hope you will enjoy your stay here. I'd suggest to be patient ;)
  12. NoType

    Greetings from ZeeT

    Welcome ZneebT. I hope you enjoy your stay here
  13. Hello everyone, my name is Tim (ZeeT) I'm from germany, cologne and am 20 years old. You could have heard of me due to my maps, I plan on staying in this community and having a good time here :) If you like you can just call me Tim btw ^^ nutip's my bae and i luv him #fullhomo
  14. Cathrine

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome to Twisted Gamers community i hope you enjoy your staying here see you soon on the server :)
  15. Dama

    Hi all

    Hola, soy nuevo en este servidor, me gustan especialmente los mapas: 'Espero que te gusten ... mi inglés no es muy bueno. I'm from another server and I plan to stay here .. I hope to be welcome.
  16. Is the server dead? I returned back to MTA after 3 years. This is a big blow to my head basically.

    1. NoType


      Well, technically yes. But our server is being developed actively. Things will change soon.

  17. I'm going to cut my veins tonight

    1. Suspect-san


      you still there bud?

  18. Impzy

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    As I said; "unsorted rooms" (the rooms are yet to be sorted!)
  19. BartoszeK

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    I saw some of them in Deathmatch and DD, but I think these maps should be on fun because maps are so splitted between these modes.
  20. Impzy

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    They might be in other unsorted rooms.
  21. BartoszeK

    Old maps on Fun gamemode

    Hello, Back then before the 'big update' me and my friends played a lot on this server, especially on fun gamemode. We took some break and today we saw that many of the maps had been deleted. Is there any possibility to bring them back? It'd be great because these maps were very good in our opinion. Thanks
  22. Bullet

    Trend is retiring

    Good luck with your life mate.
  23. Tomba120

    #MRX Hunter montage / by Exade

    Hello everyone! Message from our team: We would like to thank to MTA community for supporting us for all that amazing years. Also we would like to thank to Exade for this amazing video and Tomba for gathering all videos from past 3 years. At the end one of our player would like to apologize to whole community for all shits he has done through all those years. daniel#mrx, tomba#mrx and neson#mrx Feel free to use this tag to show support towards our players.
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