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  4. Its 2021 Gentlemen ... and its Subaru WRX Concept car, this concept car been in my mind for quite some time and here I'm sharing it with you guys today hope you like it. 3D Viewer : Download link + in-game pics: if you got any issue with the mod hit me up on Discord would be happy to know/help. Discord: BLURAY 71#1784 Regards BLUERAY;
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❄[DM] i[R]anLee* ft. BeLLa* - Geostorm !❄ Video Watch in 4K Contact : Skype : iranlee- Youtube Channel :
  6. first status update in 2021

  7. Roddy

    The end

    TG This was the starting point of my MTA, so I grew up a lot and made many friends. Even if I play somewhere else, my house is TG forever.
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❄[DM] i[R]anLee* ft. BeLLa* - Geostorm ! [TRAILER]❄ Video Contact : Skype : iranlee- Youtube Channel :
  9. Krew

    Knife cuchillo 7u7

  10. is it a bird? is it a plane? is it @Bullet?

  11. mater

    The end

    I always loved your slow asses Thanks for the memories! I will always remember this period of my life!
  12. this is very good info! Keep it up.
  13. Alagesia

    The end

    Spent some of the better years of my youth on this server and it's amazing community. Thank you for all the memories I won't ever forget!
  14. Hello, someone here?😳, reply this topicπŸ‘€
  15. TRaiNo

    The end

    Few months ago I was back to MTA after a long absence. I was wondering what happened to the server. I couldn't find it anymore. I thought it was a temporary shut down. Today, I saw the post announcing the end of TG. I am really sad this wonderful server closed. It was one of my favorites and I really had fun playing in it. But yeah.. Everything comes to an end πŸ˜₯. Thanks A LOT for the experience and the memories! Goodbye.
  16. nexp

    The end

    I want to say Thank you to This awesome community, i had so much fun being here to play with you together, i hope so you guys be always creative as you are. Stay Strong BE CAREFULL THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES ❀️
  17. zonta

    The end

    I just learned this, it is really sad not to see old friends when I get back to the game from time to time.
  18. TG takes an important place in my heart. I never forget.
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