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  5. I don't know its the right or the wrong topic but I'm MaZeN's friend about 5 years ago and I wanna chat him
  6. i like it ^^ i wish soon without roof is good to idk if its good also with spoiler but i think its better without roof for me also ;)
  7. Hey Guys, This Post is for Fun. Take a Look, Use it or Not. Play the Game and have Fun Together! Bye Download
  8. gonna miss u cucumberino @Cumb1erO.
  9. Good Luck In Your Real Life 😘
  10. The in-game avatar is stuck with the old one I uploaded on forum and is not changed to the new one.
  11. Re-add the prop hunt mode to the server again. Used to have fun with my friends!
  12. locarno


    Does someone know what happened to TulioTC ? Why he's inactive ?
  13. you'll be missed brother. Enjoy life
  14. Really sad news, it was a pleasure to play with you. I wish you the best of luck in your life!!
  15. It's really sad day for our team, after so many years missing someone talented as you,... We have been talking a lot about your problems and i hope you will solve them as soon as possible. Please dude don't change, be humble and enjoy everything you get in the future! Good luck Cucumber!
  16. Unfortunately due to problems and many things in my real life, I made the decision to leave this valued team and also this game. Obviously, by saying this, I am not leaving TG simply because I'm not motivated, because many members left the team or because our server is in decline, since it has many bugs and has not yet been fixed; nothing of that so, do not think I'm going to another team and then everyone call me "traitor". I would never dare to betray TG, I always went and will be loyal to this team. I am proud to know that I am retiring from MTA as part of this community. The truth is that I am very sad to have to make this decision after 10 years of play, I'm just leaving it because I have no other choice, I am forced to leave because I have to do many things in my life and that keeps me from playing. Also, I have no longer the performance I used to have until a while ago. Regarding the current situation of TG, I think it's a bad time, but I have a pretty optimistic vision and I think it will move forward very soon. I want to thank all the people, from the community in general, with whom I shared pleasant moments, with whom I laughed more than once, to all of you, thank you very much, all were and will continue to be important for me. I put an end to my career in MTA, it was quite fun for me in these 10 years, I played on several servers, I met many people, mostly very good. Anyway, this is a cycle for me, I think I’ve to put an end to it and try to move forward, with new projects and new things in the life. Greetings, until always. CUMBiERO.
  17. Hello there, since NoTye haven't posted here i'll do it After several years, finally is finished, a map who has two experienced mappers and a noob who carry on to finish it soon as possible, I'm really in love with the job

  19. Hmm, I should start playing again.

  20. Hello, I'm back with a map by: LinK - Javii - BuzZ called: Nevermind I hope you like. ------------------------------------------- Led lights made by LinK
  22. Hello, I'm back with a map by: ElCrow - CooL - Chipy - ShondeX called: Polluted Desert I hope you like. ===============================================
  23. Legends can come back

    1. DiatroN
    2. Heibara


      "Legend" is a myth

  24. Name : The Undertaker Challange : Most kills with hunter inside DM/OS/HDM gamemode. Name: So damn hot Challange : Destroy most players by using Red Barrels inside DD/OS game mode. Name: 2Fast4You Challange: Get most toptime #1 in any gamemode Name: Move like Jagger Challange: COMPLETE the most stunts in any gamemode (Requires min 5 players in the room)
  25. We already took this as an option, but still we are searching for more variations ;) Thanks for your willing to help !
  26. Earn the best player in DM Arena Earn the best Prop Hunter player Beat the Hard Map (random map weekly change) Be the most Old School player (for earning higher point in OS room) King of Old School (for earning highest points from other OS players) King of Deathmatch (for earning higher points in DM room) King of CTF (for earning the higher points from CTF room) King of Race ( for earning higher points in Race room) King of Derby Deathmatch (for earning higher points in Derby Deathmatch room King of Shooter (for earning higher points in Shooter room) King of Prophunter (for earning the best kills in PH room) King of Playtime (for earning the higher playtime in the server)
  27. Earn the most kills in Shooter arena. Earn the most kills in DD arena. Earn the most toptimes in DM arena. Earn the most hits in DD arena. Earn the most toptimes in Race arena. Earn highest playtime on the server. (Lobby is also allowed) Earn the most hunters in DM arena. Earn the most kills in Hunter arena. Play the most maps. Earn the most wins in CTF arena. Earn the most money. Earn the most points. For 1 year, it could be good.
  28. Hello Twisted Gamers, Today we are going to announce small things regarding the development of the server and we are asking for your help. Development: We are currently implementing tasks/challenges and achievements. *Note: Designs might get changed. In the upcoming server we’ve decided to change things a bit: tasks will now work with leveling/ranking up and the rewards depend on the task's rank. High ranked tasks could give you more diverse rewards. The higher the rank is the better rewards you get! *Note: This isn’t the final result, this is just an example. Help: As said before, we are asking for your help. Twisted Gamers’ management and development teams came out with the initiative to spice up the competition in the upcoming server. We’ve decided to make something different which is… “monthly challenge” Challenge will be the same for everyone and you guys will have to compete versus each other to take on the spot in TOP 3. How it will look like: Each month the server will automatically generate a new challenge. As example: 1st of July, 17:00 CEST – the server generates a new challenge 31st of July , 17:00 CEST – the server closes the challenge. Rewards will be dealt by administration within maximum of one day. Help that we need from you is to give us IDEAS about the challenges themselves and their cool names. We will work in best of system: As an example: Most of X Most maps finished in first person. Please write your ideas under this post or you can simply PM us on here at forum/Discord. This is everything for today’s announcement. - Twisted Gamers Administration.
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