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  4. Hey, im searching for FUN maps i know that twisted gamers is dead sadfully... I can't find any kind of FUN maps i would be thankful for every respond πŸ˜„
  5. Rextox

    The end

    I didn't even know this until now. But first and foremost, I would just like to congratulate Tommeh on achieving everything he has with TG and defenitely what it has contributed to the MTA community throughout the years. I, myself will certainly look back on TG as a great community, and a very nice place to be. I'm happy to have been a part of TG in the past, and to even have the opportunity to be a part twice is impeccable. Farewell TG.
  6. Ouail

    The end

    Seeing this 1 year late; this is sad. This server was a huge part of my childhood.
  7. Krew

    Post 2k21

    Hey guest πŸ‘Ύ
  8. Its 2021 Gentlemen ... and its Subaru WRX Concept car, this concept car been in my mind for quite some time and here I'm sharing it with you guys today hope you like it. 3D Viewer : Download link + in-game pics: if you got any issue with the mod hit me up on Discord would be happy to know/help. Discord: BLURAY 71#1784 Regards BLUERAY;
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  10. first status update in 2021

  11. Roddy

    The end

    TG This was the starting point of my MTA, so I grew up a lot and made many friends. Even if I play somewhere else, my house is TG forever.
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❄[DM] i[R]anLee* ft. BeLLa* - Geostorm ! [TRAILER]❄ Video Contact : Skype : iranlee- Youtube Channel :
  13. Krew

    Knife cuchillo 7u7

  14. is it a bird? is it a plane? is it @Bullet?

  15. mater

    The end

    I always loved your slow asses Thanks for the memories! I will always remember this period of my life!
  16. this is very good info! Keep it up.
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