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  2. fano23

    Trend is retiring

    Good luck in your future nutrend, was nice to meet and play with you DD teacher. (ㅋωㅋ)/
  3. Hello everyone, it's been almost 10 years what I play this game. Few weeks ago I decided to end with this game. I am visiting university and I have no mood and time to play after all. MTA gave me a lot. Funny moments, memories, new friends and much more than my english teacher in school. It was honor for me to be in TG and part of this amazing community. Membership was my dream for many years. I wish you best of progress with the server and stuff related. Special thanks goes to my friends who will never be forgotten: @M4RT1N @Roach. @GeroX @LookaT @Madlife @NesoN @Mazda @fano23 @Jmick (maybe I forgot to mention someone). I wish you many achievements and luck in your MTA careers! Thanks for all guys..
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  6. DiatroN

    [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

  7. NitroN

    [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

    I made a old/new map!
  8. xT4ngY

    MTA not working

    You can try re-install MTA and if it doesn't work, try to reinstall your GTA:SA. It may have some problem with the file. I've had this problem 2 years ago and it worked perfectly fine
  9. Dean.

    [DM] KaM! - Old Marsh

    Some parts aren't necessary to be decorated because it ain't seen, anyway good map, you've improve a lot
  10. Dean.

    MTA not working

    Have you tried re-installing MTA? if not then do it, after that it still happening then, check out your gta;sa folder for any issue
  11. lmfao i just watched this right now old times hahahah
  12. Dean.

    [DM] Dark# ft. KaM! - Another Paradise

    I liked the beginning of the map
  13. Another Paradise recorded by: Dark# Production
  14. KaM

    [DM] KaM! - Old Marsh

    Old Marsh recorded by: R3L4X Productions
  15. Whatsup people! Guess who's back? Not me! Just wanted to re-live some old memories in MTA and I immediatly remembered why I left: The new maps were confusing to me and the infernus became boring. I hid an easter egg back then in "Forever in my mind" and I was planning to release a map with a towtruck earlier, to prove you could make original non confusing maps without a fricking infernus. To do so I used one of the shittiest cars. I hope you guys enjoyed the teaser, also is there a new cameratool? I don't know I guess.
  16. NeXuS197

    Bug Scoreboard
  17. LyCry

    LyCry - Serbest

    Hey guys! I present my new map "Serbest"
  18. LyCry

    LyCry - Vol.12 - Velocity

    Hey guys! I present my new map "Velocity" Thanks For Record ElCrow
  19. Today, i celebrate 10 Years of MTA. 10 Fucking Years. gosh

    1. Heibara


      God will ask u about what u wasted ur time in what ur gonna say?


      im joking

    2. Cathrine



    3. Bullet


      dont worry heibara ahah :)

  20. Hello, is there's any updates coming to the server or the forum? 

    1. NoType


      I can't tell you much but there will be server development again

  21. yo what is 2FA code?

    1. Trend


      are you fekin wot mate?

  22. sup

  23. Extacy

    MTA not working

    I had the same problem, just reinstall MTA and it should be fine
  24. Cathrine

    MTA not working

    try to reinstall your mta or repack your gta files or also do try some restart your modem
  25. memoosweet

    MTA not working

    Hey all , Guys i want to ask you about problem face me when i join to TG server ( or any server ) ; " Connection was lost " how can i deal with that problem . Thanks ..
    1. Suspect-san


      Death Note, AoT, HxH, Tokyo Ghoul, NGNL, OPM

      You've got the whole bunch right there my man. Now you're only missing FMA: Brotherhood to make the list of my favorite anime :D

      Also since we appear to share similar taste in anime may I recommend Parasyte - The Maxim - . It's something of a Tokyo Ghoul style kind of anime if you're into that. It's got many of the same appealing story elements of Tokyo Ghoul with a well toned dark atmosphere and overall nice story that's wrapped up in a single season. Highly recommended

      *le running titans

      Image result for attack on titan running titan gif

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