Server Updates



[Capture The Flag]

+ Flags and bases are now shown on the radar.

+ You can spawn when joining while a map is running.

+ There is a now a delay of 8 seconds before respawning.

+ Added image to the lobby selection screen.

! Fixed messages when changing teams on F1 panel.

! You can no longer collide with your team players.

! Fixed double "has" messages.

! Nitro now gets removed when respawning.

! Anti spawnkill also gets enabled when respawning.

! Your own flag has to be at its base to score a point.

! You can pick up your own flag again.

! The flag now falls to the ground correctly.

! The flag will return to its base when fallen in water.


+ Added PM notification sound, thanks to Lehelms.

+ You can now also use mouse wheel to change spawns.

! Fixed the new respawn bug, sorry for that!

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STATUS: Live :579dcfaf47a03_EmojiSmiley-106:.