New IP!

    By Tommeh,

    Our host got changed so we have a new IP.

    Please everyone add this to your favourites.

    TG's Crumble.

    By Tommeh,

    Today we've had our second clanwar with the FFS and it didn't go so good for the TG people. I apologize for the FFS people about the behaviour of some of TG members who actually ragequited the game after the score was an obvious defeat for us.

    In the end the CW was a pleasure-full experience even if the score was not so positive to our clan, FFS was fighting hard for the victory and this time they truly deserved it. Thanks for the game FFS, we will get this back with you someday, expect a third and final clanwar challenge with us to see who takes the championship (after all it's a tie right now, 1-1).Ā  grin.gif

    Ending score

    TG:FFS 8:12



    FFS VS TG V2

    By Lycosa,

    CW STARTS at 18:00 GMT+2!

    If you want, watch here :3

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