A new year

    By Jake,



    A new year - full of power and hope


    Remember back to March 2016 when Twisted Gamers old development team announced that TG 3.0 is short before a release? Some circumstances lead to the point that Twisted Gamers was not able to release within the expected time and a lot of more waiting time has begun. Furthermore the old development team decided to finally give it up working on the "old" TG 3.0.


    Enough now from telling stories from the past and lets move on the future. A lot players of the community already decided to give up waiting for Twisted Gamers 3.0 and think that it will never show up. Sorry guys, you are totally wrong at this point. We all know by our side that a lot of mistakes have been made until we finally were able to step to the point where were able to say, we have to start again from the ground to make a playable new gamemode. 

    The beta we launched on 27th of December was for us a totally success even if we werent even near to launch a beta phase. It was for us more or less a stress test that the core of our new gamemode was working fine and yeah it did. Of course a lot of bugs occured and were reported by our great testers. Now we write the 5th of february and I am glad to say we are in a good way of the development which includes our Core + Dashboard and the other important stuff. We cannot say yet exactly when we are ready for the final beta test.

    Nevertheless, our beloved community we dont want to let you in the tought that we are doing nothing. Please we know its a long time until yet and nothing really happened from your point of view, but thats not the truth. @MisterQuestions, @TRtam, @Surflexy, @Lehelms, @ChroniK they were doing an awesome job so far when it comes to the new, very smooth User Interface and also to the server itself. From my point I wanna thank those guys and also the rest of the Twisted Gamers crew and leadership for investing a lot of time, power and ideas to get us the point were we currently are.

    Thats it for the moment and as soon as we can provide you a lot more informations we will of course let you know. Thanks for reading and be patient.

    Final News of 2016

    By Impzy,

    Greetings, dear community!

    I come to you with some news from the past few months...

    But first of all, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas! and a wonderul upcoming new year!


    #HYPE'd of ʙᴇᴛᴀ?! I MOST CERTAINLY AM.

    So, let's get started!

    The following staff members have decided to leave our community, on behalf of the whole clan I wish you good luck in your future endeavours:
    @BatzMan (12.10.2016)
    @R1KUZ (18.11.2016)
    @Toretto (04.12.2016)

    Unfortunately, it's time to let go of some inactive administrators from Twisted Gamers. Below are the people that we must say bye bye to:

    We've also decided to kick @Dubst3p on 09.12.2016 due to disclosure of various events.

    Also, due to @Antadorea & @GeroX being busy with school and exams, we have decided to extend their trial periods.

    Speaking of which, congratulations @No1seTG, @Vetor3x & @Lehelms for passing their trial periods and becoming full TG members!

    Maybe you have noticed, in the beginning of November we've in silence recruited two people as trials to help @MisterQuestions develop our new TG 3.0. Those people are @Jake (again in TG, wb) & @TRtam. They will remain as trials until further notice along with Antadorea & Gerox, as already stated above.

    Here are a few unannounced events:
    - On 14.10.2016 we promoted @Vetor3x to the position of Clan War Manager.
    - On 18.10.2016 we promoted @Lehelms to the position of Ban Appeal Manager. @Al1eN was also promoted, to the position of Clan War Assistant. Finally...sad to see, #trialfailed @IntreLex

    ABOUT THE ʙᴇᴛᴀ LAUNCHING ON 27.12.2016
    We received a lot of registrations, and here are the randomly, 30 handpicked, cNU2HsW.png participants! The following people get to test the ʙᴇᴛᴀ with TG members.
    NOTE: If you will be taking someone's slot and not testing at all or just a very minimal amount you will be replaced!

    1. @Siisti-C
    2. @Pitko
    3. @3ventic
    4. @StuntPool94
    5. @Mondim
    6. @BatzMan
    7. @Canky
    8. @Botond
    9.  @Deidara.
    10. @nuevo89
    11. @Pedrin
    12. @Doxiu
    13. @SmoK3.
    14. @Cathrine
    15. @Lotte
    16. @Zmany
    17. @Darius
    18. @Raven
    19. @Flexxy
    20. @GirlGamer
    21. @NobeuS
    22. @patocua
    23. @Valenz
    24. @Lalecz867
    25. @subzeroDZ
    26. @seb1998
    27. @C4sp3R
    28. @Matei2001
    29. @mohamedlounis
    30. @SirAlay
    31. @V1SH4L

    Best Regards,
    Twisted Gamers' Administration

    Let's get the party started

    By Jake,


    Hello folks!

    We have travelled a long way to get to  where we are today. Members left, members came, but TG has maintained its high quality as a clan. The whole TG clan aswell as a lot of players were disappointed that the upcoming server release date was pushed back many times, but now the time has come to finally bring it to life.

    I am glad to announce that we are ready to start a big BETA-Test which will take approximately 1 month to really expose bugs but also to include ideas from players. We are going to select 30 people that will test everything. To begin, here are 2 small sneak-peeks.



    The Registration

    On our main server you will have the panel to register.

    Here you have some information/tips:

    • Use /beta command to open panel.
    • You must fill with correct info, otherwise you cannot join into our beta.
    • Do not abuse it or you will be punished.
    • Use SHIFT to write capital letters.


    Best regards,
    wisted Gamers.

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