Final News of 2016

    By Impzy,

    Greetings, dear community!

    I come to you with some news from the past few months...

    But first of all, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas! and a wonderul upcoming new year!


    #HYPE'd of ʙᴇᴛᴀ?! I MOST CERTAINLY AM.

    So, let's get started!

    The following staff members have decided to leave our community, on behalf of the whole clan I wish you good luck in your future endeavours:
    @BatzMan (12.10.2016)
    @R1KUZ (18.11.2016)
    @Toretto (04.12.2016)

    Unfortunately, it's time to let go of some inactive administrators from Twisted Gamers. Below are the people that we must say bye bye to:

    We've also decided to kick @Dubst3p on 09.12.2016 due to disclosure of various events.

    Also, due to @Antadorea & @GeroX being busy with school and exams, we have decided to extend their trial periods.

    Speaking of which, congratulations @No1seTG, @Vetor3x & @Lehelms for passing their trial periods and becoming full TG members!

    Maybe you have noticed, in the beginning of November we've in silence recruited two people as trials to help @MisterQuestions develop our new TG 3.0. Those people are @Jake (again in TG, wb) & @TRtam. They will remain as trials until further notice along with Antadorea & Gerox, as already stated above.

    Here are a few unannounced events:
    - On 14.10.2016 we promoted @Vetor3x to the position of Clan War Manager.
    - On 18.10.2016 we promoted @Lehelms to the position of Ban Appeal Manager. @Al1eN was also promoted, to the position of Clan War Assistant. Finally...sad to see, #trialfailed @IntreLex

    ABOUT THE ʙᴇᴛᴀ LAUNCHING ON 27.12.2016
    We received a lot of registrations, and here are the randomly, 30 handpicked, cNU2HsW.png participants! The following people get to test the ʙᴇᴛᴀ with TG members.
    NOTE: If you will be taking someone's slot and not testing at all or just a very minimal amount you will be replaced!

    1. @Siisti-C
    2. @Pitko
    3. @3ventic
    4. @StuntPool94
    5. @Mondim
    6. @BatzMan
    7. @Canky
    8. @Botond
    9.  @Deidara.
    10. @nuevo89
    11. @Pedrin
    12. @Doxiu
    13. @SmoK3.
    14. @Cathrine
    15. @Lotte
    16. @Zmany
    17. @Darius
    18. @Raven
    19. @Flexxy
    20. @GirlGamer
    21. @NobeuS
    22. @patocua
    23. @Valenz
    24. @Lalecz867
    25. @subzeroDZ
    26. @seb1998
    27. @C4sp3R
    28. @Matei2001
    29. @mohamedlounis
    30. @SirAlay
    31. @V1SH4L

    Best Regards,
    Twisted Gamers' Administration

    Let's get the party started

    By Jake,


    Hello folks!

    We have travelled a long way to get to  where we are today. Members left, members came, but TG has maintained its high quality as a clan. The whole TG clan aswell as a lot of players were disappointed that the upcoming server release date was pushed back many times, but now the time has come to finally bring it to life.

    I am glad to announce that we are ready to start a big BETA-Test which will take approximately 1 month to really expose bugs but also to include ideas from players. We are going to select 30 people that will test everything. To begin, here are 2 small sneak-peeks.



    The Registration

    On our main server you will have the panel to register.

    Here you have some information/tips:

    • Use /beta command to open panel.
    • You must fill with correct info, otherwise you cannot join into our beta.
    • Do not abuse it or you will be punished.
    • Use SHIFT to write capital letters.


    Best regards,
    wisted Gamers.

    We will never die!

    By MisterQuestions,

    Hello everyone!

    It's been a long time since our last announcement. 

    Well, this is going to be short, but I'm a bit excited to tell you that our 3.0 is real and we are doing a ʙᴇᴛᴀ release on December 27th.

    We want the support of the community, you. 'Cause Twisted Gamers is nothing without our players & our lovely community.

    I really hope I will see you there. From that release we will fix all of the bugs found on those days, then each 1-2 weeks we will be updating the server & launching something new until we finish. But that doesn't mean that we will not update it anymore. ;)

    Trust on us, we are doing our best effort to give a good, stable & fun server to play on!


    Best regards,

    Twisted Gamers' administration.


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