Burying the hatchet

    By Tommeh,


    Hello folks!

    This is a rather short announcement just to let you guys know that we're giving everyone a second chance. That means we're going to be lifting every ban on the forums and server right after releasing this topic.

    Now that we're finally moving forward on other frontiers we've come to the conclusion that we should also leave the past behind us. There is a wide variety of reasons that people have received the state of being permanently banned, but we're willing to ditch all of that. Are you able to do the same?

    Kind regards,
    Twisted Gamers administration.



    Hotfix Update | TG 3.0 | Member Update

    By Impzy,


    Hello guys,

    On today's topic we have TG 2.0 hotfix update, sneak peeks of TG 3.0, join requests, a promotion and a new member.

    TG 2.0 Hotfixes
    We've realized the experience in our current server is not the best as our focus has been on TG 3.0, we did notice a little lack on our playerbase so therefore we've done some hotfixes to make the experience decent and bug-free again.


    Download -script
    It was mainly always re-downloading the files even though you had downloaded them already and that corrupted the map songs, making them to play only a few seconds and then loop it (just the start of the songs, was very annoying).

    FPS drops
    Abracadabra, no more.

    Download progress -bar
    Now, you guys can see what is being downloaded and how long it's taking.

    Jumping in shooter
    You are not limited to jump anymore, both normal and markers -jumps should be working just fine now.


    Sneak Peeks for TG 3.0
    I've created a new topic for the old and upcoming sneak peeks, check them out here. (There's new sneak peeks already!)

    Join Requests
    That's right, we have opened join requests again although the original plan was to open them once we've launched TG 3.0.

    Submit your Join requests HERE !

    Notice: We are especially looking for skills that help us to speed up the progress of TG 3.0 along with skilled, mature DM/shooter/CTF players for clan wars. So, if you see yourself as an experienced developer, modeler, designer, web developer, or such, start writing a join request!

    Who, what?

    Our social media manager and head designer @Surflexy has been promoted to a Community Manager, he'll be posting the most casual news for you guys from now on and as the rank says; manage the community. Congratulations!

    New member
    Last but not least, if you haven't noticed yet, on 25th February we recruited @HyPeX as a trial developer, he actually was helping a lot with the hotfixes, so he already has done some marvelous things. Welcome aboard!

    Best regards,
    Twisted Gamers' administration

    TG 3.0 Preview

    By Impzy,


    Welcome to the preview topic of TG 3.0, here you can see all the sneak peeks that has either already been posted or is yet to be posted down in the comments.

    September 24, 2016

    October 11, 2016

    December 22, 2016

    March 6, 2017

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