Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    By Surflexy,


    We have been through a lot of changes in the last month, as you may already noticed we've released the first part of a hotfix update to the 2.0 server, also the second and probably the last one being released through this thread.
    What has changed in 2.0 server:

    • Shooter maps' duration time limited to 5 minutes ( will be readjusted soon )
    • Fixed an issue with maps' music -script
    • Fixed an issue with FPS drops while downloading maps' files ( Tutorial )

    Last but not least, it's been quite a small time since we opened join requests and we have decided to recruit some of them already due to our internal changes.
    Congratulations to the first 2017 trials:

    @Cumb1erO. ( Welcome back )

    Welcome guys, good luck!
    Also congratulations to @Antadorea and @GeroX for passing their trial period!

    If you didn't get accepted this time, don't worry, join requests are still open and will stay there til we build a decent and loyal team once again.
    Servers are back online, we are really sorry for the delay! ( mtasa:// )

    Best regards,
    Twisted Gamers' Administration.

    FPS Drops while Downloading?

    By HyPeX,

    Hello, we've received numerous reports of people having FPS drops while downloading maps with the re-worked download script.

    What did we discover after testing?

    We've finally tacked down the issue - maps downloaded with the previous bugged version of the download script are breaking the new system we implemented when downloading.  What is it doing? Old files are not being recognized nor replaced while downloaded creating errors and lagging the entire client.

    Fixing the Bug

    Now, how do you fix it? There are 2 ways, the lazy and the more-bandwith-saving-one.

    • For the lazy one: Go to your MTA Directory>mods>deathmatch>resources and delete the folder called "load". Rejoin our server and you're good to go. (All maps will be re-downloaded).
    • For the harder one: Whenever you feel a download  is killing your FPS more than others (or the download is re-done each time), go to the "load" folder described in previous step, and search the folder with the name of the map that has a bad time downloading and delete it.

    But, does it fix all fps issues?

    I tested myself and this seems to be a working way of fixing the issue. However, the script still is old, outdated and unoptimized, so its years away from being a good option for the lower-end PCs of our players, thankfully its going away for TG3.0.

    Best regards,
    Twisted Gamers' administration

    Burying the hatchet

    By Tommeh,


    Hello folks!

    This is a rather short announcement just to let you guys know that we're giving everyone a second chance. That means we're going to be lifting every ban on the forums and server right after releasing this topic.

    Now that we're finally moving forward on other frontiers we've come to the conclusion that we should also leave the past behind us. There is a wide variety of reasons that people have received the state of being permanently banned, but we're willing to ditch all of that. Are you able to do the same?

    Kind regards,
    Twisted Gamers administration.



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