Capture the Flag Summer Cup (2017) & Mapping Contest

    By Vetor3x,

    We are very glad to announce that we are going to announce another Capture the Flag Summer Cup. Last year's tournament was a success, and we are sure that this year's tournament won't be any different as well.

    These are the links that you will need to know everything about our tournament:

    Registration (the registration period will start on 21st June since we want to give others some time to create the maps for the Capture the Flag Mapping Contest, more information about the Mapping Contest has been provided at the end of this topic):

    Guide & Rules:

    Team finder:

    Event organisation team:

    Applying to be a referee:

    Voting for your favourite maps:





    Dear community, hello!

    We are happy to announce another mapping contest. This time a CTF one!


    What is the goal of this contest: The goal is simple; create a simple, clear and playable map on the theme of spring/summer for the upcoming Capture the Flag Summer Cup.

    How do I create a CTF map: This topic should contain all the information that you need.

    Where should I post the map(s): Post your map(s) here.

    Where do I send my map(s): Include all files into one zip file and send it via PM to me.


    • There are basically no rules or restrictions. Use your imagination, use a spring/summer theme, nothing else.
    • You can post as many maps as you want, however only one prize will be given in case the mapper(s) win(s).
    • Maximum three mappers should be involved in creating a map.

    Post format: 

    The title of the topic should be like this:

    [CTF] Mapper's name (ft. if there is more than one mapper) - Map's name

    The format used in the topic should be like this:

    Mapper(s) involved:
    Map's name:
    Screenshots/Videos/Anything else you may want to add:

    What is the deadline:

    All maps must be posted and sent until 07.06.2017 23:59 GMT +2.


    We will give out as many prizes possible. Every map has a chance. Post as many maps as you wish, however there will one prize per one person.
    The winning maps will be selected by us.

    The prizes are:

    • Donator status for month + in-game rewards on the newTwisted Gamers 3 server.
    • The opportunity to watch the entire tournament directly on the server.

    Note: The prizes might change in some time.

    Best regards,

    Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team

    Server back online | Member update | TG 3.0

    By Impzy,


    Hello, dear community.

    On today’s topic we have: our server, member update and TG 3.0.

    Server. Back. Online!

    As you may have noticed, we were around a month offline, or you could not join the server - or if you could then you would’ve timed out anyway so it was clear nobody could play on our server for weeks!

    At first, we were under a mild DDoS attack which led to an unexpected issue on our hosting providers network. It took us a while to locate the issue in the network, but after a long support debate and a dozen of network analysis tests we were able to sort it out.


    Member update

    As of 25.04.2017, @Surflexy has unfortunately left us, he had just been promoted to our community manager; he was an important key member for us, as he already was our social media manager and head designer as well… Let’s wish him good luck!

    Also @Danx left us on 05.04.2017, and @TRtam on 02.05.2017, thanks for what you both did to us and good luck on your future endeavors!

    Due to this, @MisterQuestions has been promoted to a co-leader, congratulations! I’m sure we’ll be doing great things together.

    Join requests have been opened since our last recruitment and they will remain opened, so if you didn’t get accepted this time don’t give up! We already handpicked @IntreLeX & @Break for development purposes – congratulations!

    Our fresh meat in our family this time are:

    - @Hope
    - @Bullet:3
    - @SquoniX
    - @Tron.


    TG 3.0

    See our TG 3.0 Preview -topic for a brand-new login panel sneak peek video!


    That’s it for today’s news.

    Best regards,

    Twisted Gamers’ Administration


    Our situation

    By MisterQuestions,

    Hey there!

    In this short announcement I'm talking about our current situation - as you may have noticed, we have been down for almost 2 weeks now, but why, and what are we doing about it?


    Well, it isn't an MTA server problem, because as you may have noticed, server is still online, but once you try to connect you time out and the server kicks you... With the help of @Tommeh, we have contacted our hosting provider and noticed our network is crashing somehow when the server is sending data. :/

    What are we doing about it?

    Well, as I said we have contacted our host provider, and they are working on it, and hopefully problem will be fixed soon - so stay tuned, for further updates about this issue. We really miss everyone at the server.

    With nothing else to say for now, I wish you all a great day.


    Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.


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