Twisted Gamers Announcement: Developement

    By PRODaN,





    Hello Twisted Gamers,

    Today we are going to announce small things regarding the development of the server and we are asking for your help.


    We are currently implementing tasks/challenges and achievements.
    *Note: Designs might get changed.


    In the upcoming server we’ve decided to change things a bit: tasks will now work with leveling/ranking up and the rewards depend on the task's rank.

    High ranked tasks could give you more diverse rewards.


    The higher the rank is the better rewards you get!


    *Note: This isn’t the final result, this is just an example.


    As said before, we are asking for your help.

    Twisted Gamers’ management and development teams came out with the initiative to spice up the competition in the upcoming server.

    We’ve decided to make something different which is… “monthly challenge”

    Challenge will be the same for everyone and you guys will have to compete versus each other to take on the spot in TOP 3.

    How it will look like:

    Each month the server will automatically generate a new challenge.

    As example:
    1st of July, 17:00 CEST – the server generates a new challenge
    31st of July , 17:00 CEST – the server closes the challenge.

    Rewards will be dealt by administration within maximum of one day.

    Help that we need from you is to give us IDEAS about the challenges themselves and their cool names.

    We will work in best of system:

    As an example: Most of X
    Most maps finished in first person.

    Please write your ideas under this post or you can simply PM us on here at forum/Discord.

    This is everything for today’s announcement.

    - Twisted Gamers Administration.


    Twisted Gamers Internal Changes | The truth | Development

    By PRODaN,


    Hello Twisted Gamers,

    It has been a while since we have made an announcement about our current status and general information.

    Trials that became full members:




    Congratulations to everybody. Don't stop doing your work inside our team!

    Our new members:

    @pitterer is our great developer, now is the time to announce him joining Twisted Gamers. Even though he has been around for quite some time already, Pitterer gives us all of his time to push the development of the server into quality that Twisted Gamers deserves!
    Personally I can't even get words in my mind on how to thank him for everything he is doing for us! 

    @cawfee has a lot of talent; he knows the C++ language, and tried to help us when we were in need. He has been learning Lua to help other developers with our server progress. Just an amazing guy, that's how I would describe him!

    I’d like to welcome back our Web Developer @Jake
    We have contacted him some time ago, to ask him if he would help us with our new website and forum. Jake is really a nice guy who has always been friendly and mature. We are sure that working with him will be our pleasure again!
    We are very happy to have him back at the right place!

    List of the members who left us or got kicked: 

    @Trend: Left 24/05/2018
    @Mazda: Left 24/05/2018
    @MisterQuestions: Left 29/05/2018
    @Krew: Left 25/06/2018
    @RadheN: Left 01/07/2018
    @Monst3R: Left 17/07/2018
    @DiatroN: Left 02/10/2018
    @AdamJames: Kicked 06/03/2019
    @Doxiu: Kicked 06/03/2019

    The truth about the 3.0 ALPHA and work with MisterQuestions:

    Finally we are ready to tell you the truth about 3.0 ALPHA's launch, and our experience with MisterQuestions.

    Let’s start from the beginning. Our first date of dissapointment was on 21/07/2017. We were already planning on launching our first 3.0 Beta at the end of July, or the beginning of August 2017.



    This was the first situation of many, when most of our members lost their motivation and felt sad to see that their so well dreamed of server is not coming out as it was supposed to.

    Now, it is time to move on in to the date of MisterQuestion’s 2nd try of the Twisted Gamers 3.0 Project.
    Everything seemed to go well, progress was supposed to be running good, we had two working developers.

    06/04/2018: Our Twisted Gamers 3.0 open BETA was supposed to be launched - but sadly MisterQuestions had problems at his university, so we had to postpone the launch.

    07/04/2018: We were waiting until the last second for MisterQuestions to come online. Yet he came 30 minutes later than anticipated and the server was not ready to be launched.

    After a few hours he notified us, that it was going to be an ALPHA server... We were as shocked as the rest of you.  We thought that it was some kind of joke from his side, but sadly it wasn’t.

    He launched 3.0 without any features - without a dashboard, statistics, etc.
    We were sure that he would push his updates into GIT, so PieT could help him with fixing everything.



    This was the worst thing that Twisted Gamers could have ever imagined - we lost our playerbase, we lost your trust, we lost all hope to rebuild our motivation and start working again.

    But thanks to @pieT and @pitterer we have finally found our way into a better future for the Twisted Gamers community!

    And it was going on like that day after day, week after week, until he left our team.


    @pitterer and @pieT have been working on an entirely new project, a server made completely from scratch.

    The progress has been going outstanding this time and we have some examples to show you what it will look like:






    Capture the Flag:






    Garage and Sticker Editor:


    Every single shown screenshot here is not just for showcasing the looks. These are actual in-game screenshots.

    Feedback is welcome!



    Dashboard Concept:

    also here we’d like to get your feedback, 'cause you are the ones who are going to use it the most! ;)

    Website in Progress:

    Thanks to @pieT and @Jake, our new website is also in progress. This photo will show you a little sneak peek of what it will look like. 



    We hope that everything will be finished this time, so we can finally have a successful server again. With an awesome community as it used to be.

    As soon as we are ready to launch our 'Beta Tests', we will open a new section on our forums called “Beta Tester Application”.

    This time we have chosen to do 'Closed Beta Tests', to be sure we can provide a server with quality - for every single player.
    Applications will be either 'Accepted' or 'Denied' within a maximum of two days by the Twisted Gamers Administration.

    Remember! We won’t give any exact launch date this time, as we don’t need any more failures and I hope that by this announcement/information topic you will understand us and our situation - also our past and the future!

    Once again we want to come back strong and this time without failures!

    This is everything for today's announcement. 


    - Twisted Gamers administration.

    Twisted Gamers' 3.0 ALPHA | Bar Contest | Unawarded Prizes

    By PRODaN,



    Hello Twisted Gamers,

    Today's annoucement has been made to inform you about things that will happen in the near future.

    First of all, i'd like to tell you that we finally launched our Twisted Gamers 3.0 ALPHA server.

    During these days we will need your help in reporting server bugs and issues.

    We made a channel called #issues on our official Discord server where you can report those bugs & issues.
    Daily updates with bug fixes or at least weekly, each 15 days or at least monthly a "big" update.

    After fixing those bugs we will be moving into beta state and finally our final server.

    Maps in rooms aren't sorted yet, we will take a look into that as soon as possible!

    Bar contest:

    Twisted Gamers' 3.0 bar contest season has been opened once again, we are looking for a fresh looking bar that everyone will like.
    You can post your own Twisted Gamers 3.0 bar. Take a look for examples here, you should try to make better ones as seen there: 



    Unwarded Prizes:

    We've had many competitions and events, with winners and prizes - that we promised to award on our 3.0 server, which time has finally come. We did not forget about these winners!

    It has been a while since we were talking about TG's tournaments prizes.
    Let's start with XMAS OS Tournament - Prizes:

    @Division  - 1st  place -  3 weeks of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server;
    @Deidara. - 2nd place - 2 weeks of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server;
    @Canky    -  3rd place - 1 week of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server.

    CTF Summer Cup 2016:

    WINNERS - Winning team - A mapping server for 3 months + Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 250.000$ In-game money.

    Team Name: The Perrin Sequence

    Team Players:

    1) @V1SH4L

    2) @Siisti-C

    3) @Mattox

    4) @NoNameZ

    5) @Dubst3p

    Team Reserves (optional):

    1) @Tommeh

    2) @fano23


    Runner UPS (2nd) - Runners up - Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 150.000$ In-game money.

    Team Name: Flag's Addiction

    Team Players:

    1) @Pitko
    2) @RadheN
    3) @ChroniK
    4) @Mecha
    5) @Sirio22

    Team Reserves (optional):

    1) @Lukas123
    2) @Krew

    CTF Summer Cup 2017

    WINNERS - Winning team - A mapping server for 3 months + Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 250.000$ In-game money.

    Team Name: Flag's Addiction
    Team Players:

    1) @Mecha
    2) @RadheN
    3) @Sirio22
    4) @fano23
    5) @Krew

    Team Reserves (optional):

    1) @Lukas123
    2) @Pitko

    Runner UPS (2nd) - Runners up - Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 150.000$ In-game money.

    Team Name: Brotherhood Without Banners
    Team Players:

    1) @Suspect-san
    2) @Mazen
    3) @Sora
    4) @fox97
    5) @Boudi

    Team Reserves (optional):

    1) @nuRd
    2) @erudos

    Top 10 Scorers

    1: 7 days donator status + 100.000$ In-game money
    2: 5 days donator status +  90.000$ In-game money
    3: 3 days donator status +  80.000$ In-game money
    4: 70.000$ In-game money
    5: 60.000$ In-game money
    6-10: 50.000$ In-game money


    That's everything for today's annoucement, stay tuned since there are few more to come, mostly about Twisted Gamers' 3.0 features, tasks, and few more !

    Best regards,
    Twisted Gamers' administration.

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